FFXIAH Character Aggregator

http://ffxiah.sammitch.ca [development halted]

Note: While I was working up to an initial release I had a bunch of work/life pile up on me which not only led to my having to halt development on this app, but I also stopped playing FFXI. If the AH devs still haven’t implemented this, and if there’s some decent demand for this, let me know and I’ll see if I can pick up where I left off and put the finishing touches on it.

Now that the Auction Houses in FFXI have been merged I’ve found that the inability for FFXIAH.com users to view their characters’ sales in a single page is even more glaring a shortcoming than before. Though this feature has been suggested many times before, and should be quite simple to implement in FFXIAH itself, it has never seemed to have been acknowledged by the devs/admins.

FFXIAH Character Aggregator Preview

I will likely add extra FFXIAH-related features to the site as they come to me. Most notably one that notifies you once a particular item comes in stock.

Mog Bonanza Marble Tracker

http://bonanza.hokutenknights.com [defunct]

Note: No longer in use. I no longer play the game, so I can’t keep up-to-date on the draws.

A small application I made to make it easier for people with many characters to check their Bonanza numbers all at once. It started small with a handful of users for the Vana’versary 2009 Bonanza, and exploded for the Vana’versary 2011 draw with over 100 users and 1500+ Marbles entered.

Mog Bonanza Marble Tracker

FFXIAH Character Select Dropdown

http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/105459 [still works!]

This script for GreaseMonkey adds a dropdown box on all FFXIAH pages that allows you to quickly jump to any one of the characters you have registered at FFXIAH.

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