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Failure in the basics of fluid dynamics

I happen to work for a certain web hosting company [which shall remain nameles] who has a sister company [also nameless] whose employees have a reputation for being a tad underwhelming in the common sense department. Anyhow, it seems that lately there has been a rash of heat-related failures in their servers, in part due to a short cooling failure and made worse by the below…

Everything looks good, no? I’m not exactly a stranger to the inside of a server, but nothing really stood out to me from this picture. The text of the email sheds a bit more light on the situation: Continue reading…

Gorget Fail

I’ve done some stupid things in this game, but this if definitely in the top 5.

After waiting nearly a year to finally get some people together and kill a UFO I finally got a Yovra organ and could complete the quest for my Snow Gorget, as well as get some Virtue Stones for all of my Sea weapons. all I needed was Gorget and a chip, and I would be riding high! But for stupid people it is not that simple… where I should have picked up a Clear Chip, I had read the wrong line on FFXIclopedia and gotten a Purple Chip instead. I didn’t realize until Yurim refused to take all of the organs I had collected and re-read the requirements.

After consulting my LS and a small fit of rage I put in a GM call as a last resort. I was hoping that the quest could be reset at little more than the cost of the chip and Gorget… Continue reading…

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