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Aptana SFTP “no suitable key exchange” or “socket is EOF” fix


Today I spun up a quick development instance using Ubuntu 15 and found that Aptana refused to connect via SFTP. After a few rounds of Google > Fix > New Error > GOTO 10 I’ve found that there are two problems.

  1. Aptana does not support anything more advanced than diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 for key exchange.
  2. OpenSSH has removed AES*-CBC ciphers from its default ciphers in favor of newer AES*-CTR ciphers.
  3. Aptana has explicitly disabled CTR support in their SSH library.

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Converting OpenSSH keys to PuTTY format via command line

The information on converting to and from PuTTY key formats without starting up the PuTTYgen GUI is quite few and far between, as I’ve found.

The key bit is that PuTTY is available as a package for most Linux distros, and comes with PuTTYgen as well.

To convert your existing key, simply use:

puttygen openssh_private_key -o output_filename.ppk

And if you’d like to generate new OpenSSH and PuTTY keys, use something like:

fullname="Testy McTest"
ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048 -C "$fullname's Key" -N "" -f $username && \
puttygen $username -o $username.ppk

Which will generate files testy,, and testy.ppk.

I’d imagine that the PuTTYgen utility will accept the same command format on Windows as well if you’ve already got your OpenSSH keys handy there.

Copy and Paste Files Between SSH Sessions

I’ve found that the permissions in the directories on the servers I’ve been working on recently are not very friendly to using scp or rsync, [root owns the dir, but sshd PermitRootLogin = No] but I need to copy files around regularly. I’ve used a simple cat file | base64 to embed file contents in scripts before, so why not pair it up with tar to move many files?

I’ll save the sob story where I found that tar by default pads with a LOT of null bytes, but that’s why -z and -b 1 are your friends.
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