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Spring Sunset Downtown

So it’s finally spring up in Edmonton, hopefully a real spring now that the freak blizzard a few weeks ago has all melted. I got lucky today and the clouds finally cleared out in time for the sunset and I had some fantastic light to work with.

2010/05/19 Sunset

This one was made of just 3 shots which came together very well this time. The last time I had worked on the sunset pic I noticed that this lens and/or camera does have a bit of a vignette, and I’ve found a balance of filters to get rid of it almost perfectly. There was just a tiny bit of fudging to fill in a gap where there wasn’t any  more photo to go around, but it’s nothing important so I hope no one notices. 😛

The REAL joys of downtown life

I thought maybe I should temper the impression of downtown Edmonton given from that last post. I really do like living down here, it’s just going to take some more getting used to.

Anyhow, here’s a fine example of the spectacular view I have out of my window most nights.

I just love these hues.

Photo taken the evening of January 28th, 2010.

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